Bonnie Weigel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ventura County’s Food Share is interviewed by “Our Ventura” host, Polly Hoganson. “We can do something about hunger,” is a core operating principle at Food Share.

Established in 1983, Food Share provides food and support to hungry families and individuals in Ventura County. Food Share distributes over 9 million pounds of food per year via 150+ non-profit partners, government programs, and outreach programs.

As well, Food Share receives food and monetary support via individual donations, corporations, foundations, grants, the USDA, and the agricultural community. Ventura County farmers are among the main donors of fresh food for Ventura County residents. They also receive food from local grocers such as Vons, Albertsons and Trader Joe’s.

Producer: George Alger

Director: Petrina Sharp

Asst. Director: Lisa Savage

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Food Share – Addressing Hunger in Ventura County
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