Joshua Lane, nutritional expert, describes the single smartest thing that anyone can do who wants to improve their health, vitality and keep their weight down, in this “Our Ventura” interview by Annie Gabriel.

Joshua Lane worked as an assistant to Dr. Ann Wigmore, co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, and also worked with Viktoras Kulvinskas, author of Survival in the 21st century (published in 1975). Joshua was also a host for the Whole Foods radio show, Natural Grocer.

In this interview, Joshua discusses acne and how what you eat affects your skin.

He elaborates on the correlation of food to health and food as a healing tool.

Joshua discusses antibiotics and notes that if used inappropriately, they can weaken and depress your immune system.

He emphasizes how you can change someone’s life by changing the way they eat and highlights the importance of removing processed sugar from one’s diet and how processed sugar is dramatically bad for our physical structure over the years, including creating problems with teeth, bones, the heart, memory and more.

He recommends that a person experience the positive effects on their own body by stopping the consumption of processed sugar for a month. He says it’s important to go a whole month and not just a week to experience the results.

Joshua recommends eating fruit, and not drinking fruit, although fruit juice is OK in small quantities.

He also recommends eating protein 4 times a day, since protein keeps your blood sugar stable, keeps your energy up, your weight down and keeps you focused.

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What Is The ONE Main Thing To Improve Your Health?
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