12/5/17: As a result of local fires, tomorrow’s Our Ventura TV recordings will be re-scheduled. For those with questions about the TV station (CAPS Media Center), here is what is known at this moment:

  • The phones are still down, which suggests the power is still out
  • The station is also inside the evacuation zone and it’s unknown when the evacuation order will be lifted.
  • The fire is still not under control, so it’s unknown when we’ll be able to get to the station and/or when it will be operational.

George Alger

12/6/17 update: The power was back on at CAPS Media Center last night. However, as of this morning, the evacuation order was not lifted for the area around CAPS. Equipment and operations will need to be tested prior to re-opening. Hence, it is closed for at least today and tomorrow. The earliest CAPS may open again will be on Friday, 12/8/17. Whenever it is open, we will start coordinating re-scheduling options with CAPS.

12/8/17 update: CAPS Media is open again and scheduling is being re-coordinated.

Our Ventura TV Recordings to be Re-Scheduled Due to Fires
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