Biotech Analyst, Karen Kingston, speaks with George Alger about Pfizer’s undisclosed outcomes re their vaccine trials.

More specifically, Kingston discusses how the harmful effects of the data Pfizer (and other pharmaceutical companies) submitted to the FDA regarding the harmful clinical trials for their Covid vaccine were never disclosed to the public. Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation.

6/22/23 UPDATE: YouTube removed this short video from the Our Ventura TV YouTube channel for “Violating YouTube’s Terms of Service” since they deemed it “medical disinformation.” However, this segment is still currently being broadcast on local television and it’s available on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and this website as part of routine distribution.

6/23/23 UPDATE from Karen Kingston:

“YouTube’s censorship of my 5-minute video is a grave violation of the 1st Amendment.

Each statement I made regarding the known risks of the COVID-19 mRNA injections as well as the FD&C Act laws that Pfizer violated in their clinical trials can be found in documents and legislation found at Attached, please find the slide for the:

Oct 22, 2020 FDA meeting – detailing the more than 2 dozen diseases and disabilities caused by the COVID-19 injections, including myocarditis, strokes, blood clotting, harmful birth outcomes, and death

Pfizer’s November 20, 2020, interim Phase-3 data submission stating that the benefit-risk ratio for vaccinating children was unfavorable

Citations of 21 USC 312.42 AND 355.1 – clearly stating that experimentation or use of a biological agent must stop in humans if risks outweigh the harm

Excerpts from the DoD contract stating that Pfizer will act as the authorized agent (IRB) for the submission and explanation of clinical trial data to the FDA.”

TV broadcast week beginning 6/18/23


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Pfizer’s Undisclosed Data on Harmful Vaccines
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