Audrey Hazekamp speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Felipe Correa, about body and mind fitness.

Hazekamp emphasizes that any system is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, for overall health and wellness, she considers that it’s just as important to keep accessing one’s own intelligence and wisdom in addition to exercising one’s body. Stated another way, mind fitness can benefit from physical fitness, or at least moving the body can be helpful to having a keener access to one’s intelligence.

Fundamental to the practice is circulating the blood through the body as well as the brain, which is analogous to nature, since everything moves in nature.

Hazekamp considers that physical motion aids the movement and expression of emotions, as well.

She advocates that physical movement, and particularly dancing and music, can also help alleviate sadness or anger. She discusses the benefit of dancing out lower emotions instead of thinking them out.

Hazekamp also discusses “body wisdom,” which includes tuning into, or listening to, one’s own body for personal guidance. She cites breathing exercises as a simple way to access body wisdom.


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Body and Mind Fitness
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